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What is DSx86?

DSx86 is a PC emulator for Nintendo DS. It's purpose is to allow you to run old DOS games on your Nintendo DS game console. DSx86 is the winner of GBATemp's Homebrew Bounty 2011 competition.

What hardware it emulates?

There are two versions of DSx86, the original DSx86.nds for all common flash carts, and a new version called DS2x86.plg for the SuperCard DSTwo flash cart. The difference is in the CPU and memory emulation available (and since DS2x86 is much newer, it is still missing some features that are supported in the original DSx86). Also, the original DSx86 can be run on a Nintendo DSi in a DSi mode, if you have a suitable flash cart (like the CycloDS iEvolution). This mode gives more CPU speed and more memory available to DSx86. The current status of the emulation is as follows:

Contact me

If you have any comments or questions about DSx86, feel free to send me email. To avoid spam I don't have a mailto link in here, instead I give you this hint: My email address is simply my first name at my domain name. Domain name meaning "patrickaalto.com".


Enthusiastic DSx86 users have been pestering me to add a donate button to these pages, so they can show their appreciation of my work on DSx86. So, here it finally is. :-) Feel free not to donate anything, as I am not working on DSx86 to make money, it is just my hobby project. Also, any amount you donate will NOT have any effect on how many improvements I do to DSx86, how fast I release new versions, or anything like that. Rather the opposite, any money you donate I will probably spend on new Blu-Ray movies or things like that, and watching them will take time away from my coding DSx86! Just so you know.. :-)

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